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Do you like the film The Wolf Of Wall Street?

oh man I LOVE THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, it’s one of my favorite leo movies and one of my favs in general

I see your true love for Leo, you deserve to meet him so I hope it happen :)

omg thank you!! ?? is one of my biggest dreams and i know it will happen one day i will be the happiest person in the world :’) you can’t imagine how much i love him

What would you do if you meet leo one day?

honestly i would cry but i wouldn’t like to scare him lol so i would be calm although i would die inside. i would give him a big hug and take so many photos of us if he wants obviously and tell him how much i love him and that i’m so proud of him. i can’t die without meet him

Hello :) What’s your favorite picture of leonardo dicaprio?

oh man i love every pic of him but if i had to choose definitely this one, he looks so hot


You accidentally tagged one of the 1994 pics 1944 :3

omg true i’m the worst, thank u

There’s a few Leonardo Dicaprio blogs that stole some of the pictures and edits you post and they post them on their blogs

yes i’ve noticed but i can’t do anything like they will be still doing that, i can’t say that are my photos i mean yes i put some psd on the pictures but i’m always trying to post them giving the credits to the photographers i don’t care if they get more notes and yes it’s really annoying when other leo blogs steal my gifs and other of my edits but all i can say is that they aren’t originals and don´t have their own ideas. 

more 1994 leo pictures pleaseeeeee

ok anon