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i have been following u since you started this…

i have been following u since you started this blog so i know today is your birthday so HAPPY BIRTTHDAY thank u for this blog 1 of my favorite leo blogs!!!!!! hope u dont feel uncomfortable

I don’t feel uncomfortable at all and wow thank you so much I really appreciate it 🙂

Hello gurl why you haven’t post leo gifs…

Hello gurl why you haven’t post leo gifs!?? I miss them

Hi, and hello everyone. I’m sorry for being inactive these days. I didn’t have time because you know, college and now I have two weeks of vacation but there’s a problem, my pc doesn’t work so I sent it to restore it, I just hope not to lose leo movies. I miss making leo gifs too!!!

Is leo in Marrakech with cami and her friend i…

Is leo in Marrakech with cami and her friend isabella?

I read that Leo is in Los Angeles right now and to be honest i don’t know if he’s dating with Camila, there’s nothing confirmed or that’s all I know.

post a picture of u ofc if u want

post a picture of u ofc if u want

i just saw this, i don’t feel safe posting pictures of me on tumblr haha

Yeah because I saw a little segment on E! and this woman basically was talking shit about him and models and how she doesn’t agree etc like come on? it made me mad bc some celebrities do deserve a good talking shit about not leo and I bet If did meet the woman of his dreams they would talk bad about that never satisfied!

people like them sometimes talks shit about celebrities but you know, leo doesn’t give a shit what people think about him in that aspect.

I hate when ppl judge Leo’s love life they say things like he only dates supermodels?! He only likes blondes! ok so? Leo isn’t hurting anyone what does that have to do with him as a person he is a great actor and Great at bringing light to global warming but ppl what to judge his age and who he dates

totally agree with you. i mean, whats the problem with that people? why they have to be like this? it’s really annoying if he’s happy leave him alone and no offense but also is very annoying those people who are pending every minute of leo’s personal life or talking bullshit about him.
i love leo with all my heart but i never gonna judge him for that, he can do whatever he wants and date with he wants and obviously i care about him but i respect his private life.

can u link that interview u posted gifs from 

Do you like the film The Wolf Of Wall Street?

oh man I LOVE THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, it’s one of my favorite leo movies and one of my favs in general

I see your true love for Leo, you deserve to meet him so I hope it happen :)

omg thank you!! ?? is one of my biggest dreams and i know it will happen one day i will be the happiest person in the world :’) you can’t imagine how much i love him

What would you do if you meet leo one day?

honestly i would cry but i wouldn’t like to scare him lol so i would be calm although i would die inside. i would give him a big hug and take so many photos of us if he wants obviously and tell him how much i love him and that i’m so proud of him. i can’t die without meet him