girl does it really cost money to post photos …

girl does it really cost money to post photos of Leonardo DiCaprio lmao?? Tf

1. that’s not my website, that is another Leo fansite that is posting rare photos in HQ

2. they asked me to help donate money to help them buy some photos because the only way for them to get rare photos of Leo from Getty Images in HQ is to buy them

3. I have contributed a lot to this fandom, including donating my own money to help keep another Leo photo gallery running for another year in the past, but I am no longer doing that anymore because it’s too expensive.

4. That’s why I’m sharing the link. It’s for the hardcore fans that want more good quality rare photos of Leo. That fansite is offering that, but it comes at a price. Anytime someone asks me for help, I share it so that if some that can help may see it. Plus, I was posting their photos, it’s only fair that I shared their link.

5. For you to even suggest that I’m asking for money, when I’m sharing someone else’s link is a slap in the face. 

6. Why would I step outside of my character and personally ask for money for Leo photos? Girl, I have more than enough Leo photos to make my own photo gallery if I wanted to (not gonna do it). 

Absolutely rude, learn to read before you try to berate me. How does A Leo fan= me? If I wanted money that bad, I don’t need to use code words, I have no time to bullshit. @thotatella