send me a number and get to know me


  1. Favorite artist?
  2. Favorite song?
  3. Favorite color?
  4. Dream destination?
  5. Last text message that made you smile?
  6. Are you single?
  7. Do you have a crush on someone on this site?
  8. Would you be my friend?
  9. What do you think of ____?
  10. Favorite tv show?
  11. Would you rather ____ or ____?
  12. Choose between ____ and ____.
  13. If you had to choose one song to listen to for the rest of your life which would it be?
  14. If you had to choose one song to never listen to again which would it be?
  15. Do you like fanfics? If so, what’s your all time favorite?
  16. Can you draw?
  17. Can you sing?
  18. Can you write?
  19. What’s your favorite book?
  20. Books or movies?
  21. Least favorite movie you’ve seen?
  22. Least favorite book you’ve read?
  23. Dreamworks or Pixar?
  24. Marvel or DC?
  25. Nickeloden or Disney?
  26. Favorite childhood tv show?
  27. Least favorite childhood tv show?
  28. Something you regret doing?
  29. Something you regret not doing?
  30. Who was your last kiss?
  31. Kisses or hugs?
  32. Cuddles or sex?
  33. Netflix or Hulu?
  34. Favorite superhero?
  35. Least favorite superhero?
  36. Favorite super-villain?
  37. Least favorite super-villain?
  38. Dream job?
  39. Ideal partner?
  40. Do you want to get married?
  41. Do you want kids?
  42. Where are you from?
  43. Where would you want to live?
  44. Do you like space?
  45. Do you believe in magic?
  46. Opinion on aliens?
  47. What’s your favorite planet?
  48. What’s your least favorite planet?
  49. What’s your zodiac sign?
  50. Would a person’s zodiac be a deal breaker when it comes to dating them?