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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Film Rankings

My New Year’s Resolution for this blog is to start focusing more on Leo’s films in detail. This is a long term project, so this won’t be the only thing I’m going to focus on in regards to Leo, but it’s something for me to actively work on for this blog. My goal is to cover 15 out of his 32 films. I’m doing a 5 x 5 x 5 working block/period where I work in detail with 5 films at a time, and when I feel like I’ve covered those films to completion, I will focus on the next 5 films.

The content will range from premieres, photoshoots, behind the scenes pics/gifs, stills, goofs, trivia, deleted scenes, interviews, giffing the films in their entirety, and other content relating to those films that I can find. I’m picking the best and most interesting content to share.

What I need from you all is to rank Leo’s films from your favorite, to least favorite, and based on the results, the top 15 that you all chose will be the films I’ll work on. I will start off with the top 5 first.

Note: I will reblog this post again until I get at least 50 participants because I want to focus on films you all like and not just the ones I like. The more people participate, the more people will be satisfied with the results. The poll/survey is very simple and quick, and you don’t have to write anything. I included 32 rankings instead of just 15 in case I decide to revisit the list and continue with the rest of his films. There is no time limit for the poll; it will remain open so people can continue to vote.

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